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~ Testimonials ~


Hi Soo.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful images you painted of my horses. I cannot tell you how lifelike they are. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep up the good work.

For ever yours,


12 January 2002


Roxy - small


Dusty Portrait - transparent

Dear Soo

My family and I are so excited about the portrait of Dusty you created from the pictures you took out in the field, how did you manage to copy the colourings so well. Thank you for such a wonderful keepsake and the little photo album of the pictures.


January 2002


Soo, you have caught the thoughtful mood, each picture you present is so different to the last. Amazing.


July 2007

Tizzys Horse July 2007 - framed
Maxie - framed

Hi Soo

The picture of Maxie that you created for me is absolutely wonderful, I feel that I can almost touch him. Thank you so much.


4 January 2009


19 January 2009

Dear Soo,

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful image you created. You managed to capture his physique and posture just the way I remembered him, he departed this world some 6 years ago now, but the portrait you have painted for me is like he is still here with me. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. Thank you so much

Mrs. H


Mrs H's Lurcher framed - Jan 09 (1)
Tiz Horse

Soo, you have caught the sunlight so beautifully on my portrait, I don't know how you do it, or have the patience. Thank you once again.


17 December 2009

Ollie framed small

Hi Soo

Just got to say, brilliant, thank you very much, the highlights on his coat are just amazing, I understand black is very difficult and you have done a fabulous job, it looks just like him, I can almost feel his breath. I must get Dobbie done at some time.


16 July 2010


Ozzie - 2yrs 2 months - small

Dear Soo

I showed Ozzie the picture you painted and I think he believes it is a real dog and keeps barking at it. It is so lifelike, thank you from me and from Ozzie.


January 2014


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